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Just published: This week, the level designers were again hard at work on the steppe biome. Not only do they craft little stories for them, but they also create stunningly beautiful or dismal places like the Oasis and the Animal Graveyard you can see in this roundup. In last week’s roundup, we teased that dual swords are coming to Albion soon. For this week, we have an additional animation of the dual swords in action in store for you. You can expect both, the steppe biome, as well as the dual swords, in the final Beta this summer!

Dual Swords: Spin Attack

The new Dual Swords are starting to take shape, with new attacks being animated. Here you can see the Spin Attack:

Stories of the Steppes

Want to see more of the steppes after our first look at the biome last Tuesday? Here are more stories from the wastelands!


- Animal Graveyard

“Animals have been coming here for ages, to rest their bones here” Level Designer Denis Armand comments on this morbid scene. “Nobody knows why.”


- Deadly Cliff

Judging by the bones and debris, terrible things happened at this cliff. Be careful!


- Oasis

A gulf of fresh air and water in a desolated region. The oasis is brand new; animals have not yet found their way to it yet, but will surely be flocking the scene soon!



- Midnight Snack

Art Director Marcus Koch found out the hard way not to wander around the steppes all by himself, as he became a delicious midnight snack for a pack of vicious Sabertooth! These animals will be part of the unique fauna of the steppes, and you will not see them in any other biome. More info on the unique mobs per biome will follow in the future!