# Use your map:

Any RTS or MOBA player will tell you that using your map is not just helpful. It is VITAL to your success. In Albion Online it is no different, your map will often provide valuable info that can save your life (and gear). Not just the death notifier or a red blob of hostiles headed your way but to escape. One of the most common ways I would die while fame farming was that after I had gotten away (created distance, mounted and began my escape) I would run into 1 deadend after another until the hostile players caught up to me and cornered me like a ... um... thing that gets cornered.


It’s easier than you might think to panic and just run “that way” because it looks open and is generally in the direction you want to be headed. Take a moment while moving to look at the map and decide on a route you want to take to best escape.

# Stop going to dungeons!!!

This has got to be the best advice I can give on the matter and the single biggest reason I want to slap everyone posting threads complaining about “the wall” and not being able to fame farm in red zones.


There’s this crazy thing about zones with dungeons in them. You ready? This is going to be mind blowing.... THEY ALSO HAVE OTHER AREAS! Most zones have that have a dungeon area also have some other corner with the same tier mobs. Maybe they don’t have bosses or as many mobs in the area but they are less known so much easier to farm consistently AND SAFELY.

Yes other players know about these areas. Yes a group of reds will ride through sometimes trying to find a fight but it is way less likely than going to the spot on the map that everyone can instantly see and recognize as a farming spot. I often spend HOURS in those spots and see a maximum of 4 other solo players passing through. Leaving me an entire farming area all to myself.


Please reader, anytime you see someone post a thread about “the T5 wall” link them this guide and just comment “#6". That’s what I’m going to start doing.

# Learn the zones:

If you are trying to farm at one of the first T5 spots you found chances are so is everyone else. Players are lazy and don’t want to have to look for mobs (see #6) they want to travel out 1 zone and start farming. If you see that the spot is popular than the likelyhood that some red flagged hoodlums (lol i wanted to use the word hoodlums in this post) will come through bringing death with them. Even if you’re not willing to check the 4 corners of the zone to find other mobs. If you see a spot is popular, go to the next zone. The further from a city you are the less likely you will run into other players because it’s more dangerous and more work.


If you’re willing to put in a bit of extra travel time you will find your fame farming get easier.

Knowing the zones also means knowing the guilds in the area and the zones “behavior”. Some zones have MUCH higher PvP traffic than others simply due to what guilds are in the area.


Example: I don’t care if there are completely unfarmed T8 elite mobs that fall over dead as soon as I see them and give me 5,000 fame, 10,000 silver and 3 direwolf pups each in a zone like TideRush Cove.

That zone is home to Banished who are currently at war with, among others, the entire [INC] Incursion alliance who are set up 1 zone North. That is a zone that you cannot enter without being scouted and called out instantly. If you’re lucky and everyone is busy you might pass through safely but when my guild is looking for a big fight, that’s where we go.


So if you know a zone is like this, don’t farm there.

Ways to know a zone is likely a PvP hotspot:

- Check who owns the territories by opening your map (K) and clicking each one.

- Big red arrows pointing to or from a territory in that zone mean war. War usually means killing. Don’t become an innocent casualty of war.


- Trail and error. It sucks but sometimes the only way to learn is by running head first into the DANGERZONE. Sometimes more than once.

# Spec your gear:

By visiting the repair station in any city you can reforge your gear.

Reforge/Respec it to best suit your needs and provide maximum survivability. The options here vary greatly on your armor type and weapons so I won’t delve into every option. I personally spec for PvP when I go out solo farming except on my chestpiece I take mend wounds because it helps me heal up between mobs and continue farming efficiently and I’m too lazy to buy health pots. I spec for PvP while farming fame because often times if I see a red flagged player I can take 1 in a fight while or may need to take several in a fight if I can’t escape so I try to maximize my odds of success or at least taking a few with me.


When deciding what to spec into keep in mind that speed boosts combined with a dash/blink will often be enough to get you to a spot you can mount and ride off.

Example: If you’re solo’ing mobs you don’t need “taunt” on your hammer as you will always have the aggro. Take the charge attack instead so you can “W” into a mob in the opposite direction of your hostile pursuers and use it as a gap closer.


I’ve also recommended in the case of solo gathering to bring a weapon with high mobiliy like a spear. However this is likely not possible as you are trying to level up a specific weapon however it’s still worth noting that some weapons, like some armor pieces, have built in escapes in case you’re really prioritizing your escape.

# Use the Mobs:

Be a true ninja and use your surroundings to your advantage. Make the enemy aggro the mobs while you fight them or try to escape, especially mage mobs or the female giant that throws rocks at you (don’t know the mob name) or a bear as they almost all have either a stun or a slow or a sleep. If you can trick your enemy into getting hit with a sleep from the Morgana mage mob then you will have enough time to walk up to him, type “/s REKT”, mount up and casually leave the area. I did this last night in a situation where a tackler was hot on my trail and I had only 20% hp left. If not for the sleep spell I would have probably died.


On that note Props to Bardon from Unorthadox Arena. A tackling player more skilled than most I run into.

Note: I didn’t walk up and type “/s REKT” because I was so close to dead and just panic mounted my way out of there.


Hopefully these tips will help you fame farm more efficiently as well as more safely so you can get that sweet T6 gear you’ve been having wet dreams about.

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