Yeah, I think maximizing albion silver per hour is to make money. So how to make money?

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The key to maximizing your ability to farm the most silver per hour, will depend on your ability to set your character up for such an endeavor. As referenced above, sandbox MMOs are about risk vs. reward. If you get too greedy and go to farm silver without properly setting up your account, you are greatly exposing yourself to failure. Any mistake may result in a death which results in a loss of 33 durability points. If you wear tier 4 and higher gear, this can be a very expensive mistake - death is not an option. Typically, two deaths is all it takes to break all of your gear - which forces you to start over.

The first step is to level your character to at least tier 3 in both gear and weapons. The next step is to farm tier 3 and tier 4 mobs for silver until you have either bought enough tier 3 sets from the AH, or have crafted enough tier 3 sets so that you have a minimum of four complete gearsets in your bank. This way if you lose all your gear, no big deal, just grab another!


You may also want to visit the AH if you plan on farming in PVP lands with tier 4 or higher gear. Buy an invisiblity potion or a speed potion so that if someone attempts to jump your bones, you have a better chance of getting away.

If you find that you are down to your last gearset, then it is time to go back to routine farming until your bank is put back into the proper setup.

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