Albion online is player versus player based online game. Read following content, let’s see what kind of pvp mechanic albion online has to bring to the table.

Equipment Based

For players who are fan of fast paced pvp, albion online is not for you. Albion online is equipment based. Wherein, the player who has the better equipment always wins. It is not a game where a player with the better equipment has the advantage. It does not work that way. It works like pay to win, but it is too early to declare that the game is pay to win.


The good thing about this game is that players with the best equipment are not invulnerable. They can still be killed with quantity or choosing the weakness of their class.

Economy Battle

Since it is based on who has the best gear. The game’s economy will play a big role. It is not a battle of who has the fastest reflexes, but a battle of greatest minds. Whoever controls the economy might be capable of manipulating the whole player versus player arena. More like a battle of politician than a clash of swords.


Item Drop

One of the most subjective topics of player kill – the item drop. It is subjective because there are a lot of people who hate item drop whenever they are killed, and there are also a lot of people who like the thrill of item drop whenever they are killed.


So, Albion Online has the feature of item drop whenever a player is killed in player versus player arena. Are you want to try? Yeah, the most cheap Albion Online Gold on our site.

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