Use the Shortcuts Q, W, E, R, D or F to activate your spells.

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The shortcut for the worldmap is “K”.

Your armor loses durability when being hit, and your weapons similarly when hitting something. You can repair your armor and weapons in cities.


If you want to change the spells on your gear, you are able to reforge them at the repair station.

There is a chance that an item you’re wearing or carrying might be destroyed completely when you die.


When you move into another area you are invincible for a short duration, but you can’t attack while that effect lasts.

Press Shift + Enter to write in the /all channel by default.

Press Alt + Enter to write in the /guild channel by default.

Press Ctrl + Enter to write in the /local channel by default.

You can send someone a /whisper which only they can read.

Buildings lose durability with usage and over time. Don’t forget to repair them.

Crop seeds and baby animals are more expensive on private islands.

Marketplaces are local, so transporting goods from one place to another can yield riches.


Plate Armor is weak against magical damage, while Cloth Armor is weak against physical damage.

When you target a player, you can see what kind of spells he has equipped above his name (at the top of the screen).


RIP Eugen

While in “PVP Enabled” areas, make sure to keep an eye on the hostile counter.

Please report any bugs you encounter using #bug.

You will always respawn next to your player house. If you don’t have one you will respawn in the nearest city.


When you write in the /local channel, only people in your region can read your message.

In Guild vs Guild warfare, if you never attack an adjacent territory, you will accumulate a significant defender bonus over time.


The longer an animal or enemy has been alive, the more resources or silver you will get when you kill it. Environmental resources also regenerate over time in a similar way.

Try not to get killed!

Beware the bunnies. They have a plan!

Follow the white rabbit!

Owning a castle guarantees you taxes on all silver collected in the area. These will be paid into your Guild’s account.


Joining a Guild is highly reccomended!

A building can only be removed by its owner, or by high ranking members of the Guild owning the territory.


The initial owner of a building is the one who placed the construction ground.

The owner of a building can change: If you lose or give up your real estate and another player claims it, he will be owner of all buildings placed on it. Your battle vault will always remain yours, though.


Plate Armor is strongest against Physical damage, while Cloth Armor is strongest against Magical damage. Leather works reasonably well against both damage types.

You need special destruction hammers to destroy buildings or castle gates.

In a Guild vs Guild siege, you will lose points every 100 seconds if you hold fewer than two orbs.


In Guild vs Guild warfare, if you never attack an adjacent territory, you will accumulate a significant defender bonus over time.

Higher-tier tools will gather resources faster.

Your tools will lose durability faster if their tier is below the resource’s tier.


The amount of fame you get for a player kill is determined by the value of the equipment and items your victim was carrying.

Each item has a value that represents their rarity. T2 resources have a value of 1, T3 ressources have a value of 3, T4 resources a value of 9 and so on...


Spells have a color code: red: damage; green: heal; blue: buff; purple: debuff; yellow: crowd control; white: movement.

Wearing a bag will increase the weight you can carry before getting a movement penalty. The higher the bag’s tier, the higher the carrying capacity bonus.


Follow the roads to avoid running into too many enemies!

In every city there is a bank that you can use to store items, and a battle vault where you can store your equipment.


Type /suicide in the chat window to kill yourself. (But why would you do that?)

Type /stuck in the chat window if your character is stuck somewhere and you cannot move any more.

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